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The Blue Mountains are a haven for MTBers. There is a great diversity of trails – wonderful single track, gated fire trails – with stunning views through remote forests which combine creek crossings, fast downhills, heart-thumping climbs and some challenging technical sections. Below is a collection of resources (links and GoPro clips of the trails) I have put together from many years of riding through the Blue Mountains and surrounding environs with family and friends.

Blue Mountains

An excellent place to start is to read the track notes and access details provided by The Fat Hippy. Very accurate and helpful track notes, matched with an excellent philosophy toward MTBing by a mountains local.


  1. The Oakes Trail (Woodford to Glenbrook). Classic MTB ride. Rating: hot-pepper 3hot-pepper 3hot-pepper 3hot-pepper 3
  2. Andersons Fire Trail (Wentworth Falls to Woodford). Rating: hot-pepper 3hot-pepper 3hot-pepper 3hot-pepper 3hot-pepper 3
  3. Ingars Fire Trail (Wentworth Falls to Woodford). Rating Green-Chili
  4. Hanging Rock (Blackheath).
  5. Anvil Rock + Wave Rock (Blackheath).
  6. Narrow Neck (Katoomba). Rating:

Kanangra Walls

Wolgan Valley

Mid-North Coast of NSW

Beechworth, Victoria

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